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Welcome to Aldersgate Day School!

1301 Collingwood Rd., Alexandria, VA 22308
Phone: 703/768-8351 Fax: 703/765-5841


The word ‘Aldersgate’ comes from a place where, nearly 300 years ago, a priest named John Wesley first felt his heart on fire with love of God and love for his neighbor.

At Aldersgate Day School our goal is to offer the same opportunity to the children of our congregation and our community.

Educating since 1962, Aldersgate Day School is a weekday, half-day ministry for children 12 months old to pre-K.

Jesus had some pretty stern words for those who didn’t treat children with the greatest of love.

At Aldersgate Day School, your children are (almost) as important to us as they are to you; that’s why we provide a safe, loving, Christian environment for your children.

Jesus also said that for anyone to understand his Kingdom they’ll first have to become like little children; that’s why at Aldersgate Day School, we’re committed not only to teaching your children, we’re committed to treating them as though we have something to learn from them as well.


3256Our Day School Director, Patty Spitnale, is dedicated to providing families a safe, educational and loving environment where our talented team of teachers can guide your children in building their minds, building friendships and building character.



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