Global Service

Global Service
Richard Bass

Service in Guatemala and Arizona



For over 10 years, Aldersgate has partnered with Highland Support Project (HSP) to empower communities to change their lives in the indigenous highlands of Guatemala. After a decade, Aldersgate has built over 500 clean, safe wood-stoves in Maya homes, a school kitchen, a clinic/community center, and a complete sanitation system. We’ve raised over $200,000 for these projects and sent nearly 200 hands-on volunteers to work alongside members of the communities.

A few years ago we partnered with HSP to take their empowerment model to the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona.

For every mission Aldersgate takes on in Guatemala and on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, the real project has always been empowerment: changing lives.

We do these mission projects not only to change the lives of the poor. We do these mission projects to change the lives of people here at Aldersgate. Mission is how we make disciples. Of each other.

Empowerment is the project: empowering youth and adults at Aldersgate to grow in their faith as followers of Jesus by doing hands-on work for and with the poor.

2019 in Arizona

In 2019, our activities are focused in Arizona, with a mission trip to the White Mountain Apache Reservation from June 15-22. You can register here.