Jason Micheli

Jason Micheli
February 23, 2016 Comments Off on Jason Micheli Kim Johnson

Jason blogs at Tamed Cynic and is a host of the Crackers and Grape Juice Podcast.

“I’m the least well-rounded person in the world, having studied theology at UVA and at Princeton. Seriously, I’ve got no skills apart from parsing Greek nouns and obscure theological categories. Fortunately, the United Methodist Church is the perfect place for someone like me. I am an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, and since 2002 have served as a pastor of churches in New Jersey and Virginia as well as a prison and hospital chaplain. I’ve been a pastor at Aldersgate UMC in Alexandria, Va for 11 years.

“My wife, Ali, is my high school sweetheart. She’s shy and easily embarrassed so suffice it to say that she’s my better 3/4 in every way but cooking.  My youngest son, Gabriel, is a budding standup. He loves swimming and the White Stripes. My oldest son, Alexander, is a hardcore swimmer and gifted in everything but common sense. Together, we think baseball is the Platonic ideal.”

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