Leadership Team Meeting Summary – December 19, 2017

Leadership Team Meeting Summary – December 19, 2017
Richard Bass

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Leadership Team Meeting Summary
December 19, 2017

Leah Matthews welcomed everyone and began the meeting at 7:03 p.m. with a prayer.

Leadership Team and Staff Members Present: Leah Matthews, Teresa Phillips, Steve Larkin, Frank Kyle, Cheryl Bratten, Travis Gianchetta, Harry Evans, Paul Amos, Dennis Perry, Jason Micheli, Karla Kincannon, Charlotte Rexroad, and Becky Connell. Cory Culver, Carrie Henderson, Joanna Sims, Debbie & Mark Husband, Nate Truitt, Michelle Matthews, Richard Bass, and Christian Burnette were absent. Lew Ashley observed the meeting.

I. November Meeting Minutes

Leah reminded the team that the November 21, 2017 meeting minutes were available on Realm and the Aldersgate web site. No comments or edits were noted.

II. Physical Facility/HVAC Repairs

Leah reminded the meeting attendees that in November, the Leadership Team voted to approve a proposal to begin the repairs to the facility’s HVAC system. Leah asked

Becky to update the team. Becky noted the following:
– Repairs/demolition have begun.
– Older chiller has been removed and the existing 60-ton chiller will be stored off site as adjustments/improvements are made to the layout of the mechanical yard.
– One of the improvements entails pouring concrete for the base of the entire mechanical yard. This will make it easier for lawn/weed control and allow the addition of an additional storage shed, if needed, in the future.
– The air handlers will be removed by the end of December.

Becky also informed the team of concerning issues related to the HVAC system in the Collingwood Road parsonage. During the fall maintenance check, the technicians inspecting the site found minor carbon monoxide leaks occurring within the 17-year-old system. The leaks are not dangerous at this time, but the recommendation is to replace the system. The cost of replacement $7,071.50.

The following motion was presented: to move forward with the replacement of the HVAC system at the Collingwood Road parsonage as recommended.

Moved by Steve Larkin and seconded by Cheryl Bratten. The motion carried with none opposed.

III. Budget and Finance: 2017 Fiscal Year – Close the Gap

Jason informed the team that as of last week, AUMC’s giving revenues are exceeding the amount received in 2016 by about $80,000. AUMC is in the process of reviewing the contributions received as of December 17. Overall, the results have been good.

IV. Budget and Finance: 2018 Fiscal Year

A revised target budget for the 2018 fiscal year was distributed to the group. Cheryl Bratten walked the team through areas where cost reductions and revenue/expense projections are anticipated for 2018. Overall, the proposal for the 2018 fiscal year represents a balanced budget. Leah thanked the budget sub-committee of Cheryl Bratten, Travis Gianchetta, Jason Micheli and Terri Phillips for their work to prepare and revise the 2018 fiscal year budget.

The following motion was presented: to accept the target budget as presented.

Moved by Steve Larkin and seconded by Paul Amos. The motion carried with none opposed.

V. Staff Parish

The open meeting concluded and after a short break the leadership team moved into a closed session to discuss personnel issues.

Submitted by,
Terri Phillips
Administrative Assistant