Leadership Team Meeting Summary – October 10, 2017

Leadership Team Meeting Summary – October 10, 2017
Richard Bass

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Leadership Team Meeting Summary
October 10, 2017

Leah Matthews welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order with prayer at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 10, 2017.

Leadership Team and Staff Members Present: Leah Matthews (Aldersgate Lay Leader), Johanna Sims, Cheryl Bratten, Carrie Henderson, Cory Culver, Mark Husband, Debbie Husband, Paul Amos, Frank Kyle, Steve Larkin, Harry Evans, Nat Truitt (Kingstown Communion Leadership Team) Dennis Perry, Jason Micheli, Karla Kincannon, Michelle Matthews, Terri Phillips, Becky Connell, and Richard Bass. Travis Gianchetta and Charlotte Rexroad were absent. Lew Ashley observed the meeting.

I. Leadership and Faith Development

The team began the meeting discussing a section of the book Canoeing the Mountains by Tod Bolsinger. Steve Larkin led the group in a vibrant discussion of how the team needs to think about its role and leadership in a world that is increasingly ambiguous, uncertain, and complex.

II. Review of “A Common Liturgy”

The first area of discussion was a review of the two-services format under the framework of “A Common Liturgy.” The group discussed the advantages and challenges of offering worship in this format. Rev. Karla Kincannon led the group on an overview of the results of the recent survey on the worship service times and styles. Leah thanked the staff and pastors for their hard work to provide baseline data on the survey results. She asked for a member of the Leadership Team to create and lead a task force to determine how Aldersgate might proceed with this model during the summer of 2018 (Memorial Day thru Labor Day). Paul Amos will lead the process to review the common liturgy format and develop.

III. Kingstowne Communion

The team’s next discussion focused on the connection between Aldersgate and The Kingstowne Communion. The discussion, led by Rev. Dennis Perry & Rev. Michelle Matthews, looked at the phases of growth and connection between the campuses and the difference between a Satellite and Mother/Daughter relationship. While the plant began as a Satellite, it has developed into a Mother/Daughter relationship.

A discussion of the financial state of Kingstowne followed including where it is now, where it is going in 2018, and where it hopes to be in 2019 and beyond. Nat Truitt, a member of the Kingstowne Leadership Team, led this discussion with a heart-felt thank you to Aldersgate for planting Kingstowne and giving his family a worship place to call home. Overall, Kingstowne is doing better than most other church plants in the conference.

Leah asked Steve Larkin to take the lead and form a task force to review Aldersgate’s relationship to Kingstown Communion. The team also agreed to cover 15% of Kingstowne’s overall expenses for 2018.

IV. Collingwood Facility

The team reviewed a maintenance report for the Collingwood facility. Becky Connell walked the team through the repairs needed over the next several months. These include replacing the failing 40 Ton chiller, replacing two failing 5-ton heat pumps, HVAC online controls, and lighting issues in the sanctuary. Financing options were discussed and Cory Culver volunteered to work with Becky to create and lead a task force to review all of the options and bring more information to the next meeting. Carrie Henderson and Cheryl Bratten also agreed to be on the team.

V. Budget and Finance

The final discussion area was a proposal for the 2018 fiscal year Target Budget. The target budget included pastor salaries and compensation that needed approval in advance of the Charge Conference scheduled for October 15, 2017. Leah called for a motion to adopt the target budget as presented. Steve Larkin moved and Mark Husband seconded. After some additional discussion, Leah called for the vote and it passed unanimously. A budget to actual analysis for the 2017 fiscal year was also reviewed that showed a budget shortfall. Additional data will be collected and reviewed for the nine-month period ending September 30, 2017. A more detailed discussion on Aldersgate’s financial position will take place at the November Leadership Team meeting.

VI. Staff Parish

The Leadership Team met in closed session to review and discuss personnel matters.

Submitted by,
Terri Phillips
Administrative Assistant