Leadership Team

Aldersgate’s Leadership Team

In June 2017, Aldersgate adopted a new model of leadership, with 13 lay leaders together doing the work of leading the church. In the past, there were numerous committees and councils, and it was both difficult and time-consuming to gather everyone for all the meetings that model required.

Members of the Leadership Team

(L-R) Johanna Sims, Carrie Henderson, Cheryl Bratten, Leah Matthews, Cory Culver, Mark Husband, Paul Amos, Steve Larkin, Debbie Husband, Frank Kyle
(not shown) Christian Burnette, Harry Evans, Travis Gianchetta, Charlotte Rexroad

Leah Matthews (leah.matthews3@gmail.com), Lay Leader
Paul Amos (pamos703@gmail.com), Worship lead
Cheryl Bratten (clbratten@gmail.com), Finance lead
Christian Burnette (tunakmaster@gmail.com), Kingstowne Communion representative
Cory Culver (runavy93@yahoo.com), Mission lead
Harry Evans (heatherevans28@yahoo.com), Youth representative
Travis Gianchetta (travis23@gmail.com), Staff-Parish Relations Committee lead
Carrie Henderson (carrie.b.henderson@gmail.com), Trustees lead
Mark & Debbie Husband (husbandm@hotmail.com & davidmark.husband@gmail.com), Spiritual Formation leads
Frank Kyle (FrankAKyle@msn.com), United Methodist Men representative
Steve Larkin (jstephenlarkin@gmail.com), Connections lead
Charlotte Rexroad (rexroadc@cox.net), United Methodist Women representative
Johanna Sims (johannasims@gmail.com), Young Adult representative

Dennis Perry (dperry@aldersgate.net), Lead Pastor
Jason Micheli (jmicheli@aldersgate.net), Executive Pastor
Karla Kincannon (kkincannon@aldersgate.net), Director of Spiritual Formation
Michelle Matthews (mmatthews@aldersgate.net), Associate Pastor, Kingstowne Communion

Richard Bass (rbass@aldersgate.net), Director of Communications
Becky Connell (bconnell@aldersgate.net), Business Administrator
Terri Phillips (tphillips@aldersgate.net), Administrative Assistant, Recording Secretary

Meetings of the Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is scheduled to meet the third Tuesday of each month, although sometimes circumstances require the meeting to be rescheduled or postponed. Meeting dates and times are announced to the congregation at least one week before the meeting.

Summary results of the meetings are posted below.

April 17, 2018, Leadership Team Meeting Summary
March 22, 2018, Leadership Team Meeting Summary
February 20, 2018, Leadership Team Meeting Summary
January 16, 2018, Leadership Team Meeting Summary
December 19, 2017, Leadership Team Meeting Summary
November 21, 2017, Leadership Team Meeting Summary
October 10, 2017, Leadership Team Meeting Summary

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