Farewell, Dennis

Farewell, Dennis
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Saying Goodbye to Dennis Perry

Rev. Dr. Dennis Perry will retire as lead pastor of Aldersgate this June. His last Sunday is June 16. Dennis has been pastor of Aldersgate since 2002. We want to thank him for his seventeen years of leadership and service in several ways: (1) help Dennis and his wife, Sharon, have a long-awaited second honeymoon; (2) prepare a book of remembrances to give to Dennis; and (3) have a farewell dinner on Saturday, June 15, in Wesley Hall and receptions between the services on Sunday, June 16. Here’s how you can help make these successful and meaningful.

Dennis will preach on May 18-19 and June 1-2. His final sermon will be June 15-16.

Share Your Memories of Dennis’s Ministry

Remember Dennis and give him something to remember us by. Beginning Sunday during the coffee hours, we will have a book in which you can share your memories of Dennis. It’s a planner, with a page for every day of the year. You can choose a significant date in your relationship with Dennis–your baptism or wedding day, for example–or just choose any date at all. Write a note, insert a picture, or sign your name. The book will be at the receptionist’s desk during the week and at Judy Jurkowski’s Love Notes table in Wesley Hall during coffee hours.

A Second Honeymoon for Dennis and Sharon Perry

Churches often give a gift of gratitude when a pastor retires. Following his retirement from Aldersgate this June, Dennis Perry and his wife, Sharon, plan to realize a long-held dream of taking a month-long trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, from Seattle to San Diego, together. Your gift can help make it happen. Give by check to Aldersgate, with “Dennis Farewell” on the memo line or give online at the link below.

Give Online

Farewell Dinner June 15

On Saturday, June 15, following the Saturday worship service, we will gather in Wesley Hall for a farewell dinner for Dennis Perry, whose last Sunday at Aldersgate is the next day. The dinner will be prepared by Chef Jay Cox. Come thank Dennis for his service to the church. Space is limited, so register now or in Wesley Hall during coffee hours on Sunday morning. The cost is $10/person.

Register for the Dinner

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