New Governance Structure Approved

New Governance Structure Approved
April 26, 2017 No Comments » News Richard Bass

New Governance Structure for Aldersgate Approved

The called charge conference on Tuesday, June 13, approved the streamlined Church Council and confirmed those who were nominated to fill the positions on Council, which will now be known as the Leadership Team:

Leadership Team (term ends on June 30 of the year in parentheses)
Lay Leader: Leah Matthews (2019)
SPRC Representative: Travis Gianchetta (2018)
Trustee Representative: Carrie Henderson (2020)
Finance Representative: Cheryl Bratten (2019)
Spiritual Formation Representative: Mark & Debbie Husband (2018)
Connections Representative: Steve Larkin (2019)
Mission Representative: Cory Culver (2018)
Worship Representative: Paul Amos (2020)
Kingstowne Lay Leader: Christian Burnette (2020)
UMW Representative: Charlotte Rexroad (2019)
UMM Representative: Frank Kyle (2018)
Youth Representative: Harry Evans (2019)
Young Adult Representative: Johanna Sims (2018)
Recording Secretary: Terri Phillips (elected at charge conference)

Annual and District Conference Representatives
Leah Matthews
Travis Gianchetta
Carrie Henderson
Christian Burnette
Steve Larkin (alternate)
Cory Culver (alternate)

District Steward
Cheryl Bratten

Staff Representatives
Dennis Perry, Lead Pastor
Jason Micheli, Executive Pastor
Karla Kincannon, Director of Spiritual Formation
Michelle Matthews, Pastor, The Kingstowne Communion
Becky Connell, Business Administrator
Richard Bass, Director of Communications

Nominating Committee (term ends on June 30 of the year in parentheses)
Dennis Perry, Chair
Marcie Bowker (2018)
Christy Seyfert (2018)
Sarah Lynn Mertins (2018)
Jay Steadman (2018)
Jennifer Price (2019)
Neil Worden (2019)
Amy Trimble (2019)
Paul Tuohig (2020)
Nan Eitel (2020)

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