Proposed New Governance Structure

Proposed New Governance Structure
April 26, 2017 6 Comments News Richard Bass


A Proposed New Governance Structure for Aldersgate

In late April, Aldersgate’s pastors and lay leader wrote to the congregation about a proposed new governance structure for the church.

On Sunday, May 21, two listening sessions were held, and the many insightful comments helped us sharpen how we talk about the proposed change and to think about the possible impact of the change on the congregation.

It is our intention to offer this new governance model for approval at the called charge conference with District Superintendent Jeff Mickle on Tuesday, June 13 at 7:00 p.m.

We invite you to continue to offer your comments and questions about this change.

Download a PDF of the April 28 Letter

Download a PDF of the Powerpoint presented at the May 21 listening session with revisions based on the conversations

Offer Your Comments and Questions about this Change

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    Patrick Clarke

    What does SPRC stand for?

    1. 1

      Richard Bass

      Thank you for the question. Staff-Parish Relations Committee.

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    When I first served as Mission Chair many years ago, I was expected to attend the Council on Ministries (C.O.M.) meeting once a month. I liked that arrangement, as I got to hear what was going on in other subject areas of the church and offer comments, as well as receive input from others. It was a good way to learn. A short time later, that organizational structure was abandoned in favor of decentralized councils, e.g. Compassion Council, which encompassed Mission (national, international) and Outreach (local), Worship Council, Education Council, etc. Personally, I felt less connected to the whole church and out of the information loop with this kind of organization. Now it appears we are going back to a structure similar to the earlier C.O.M. My personal opinion is that this is probably a good thing. I am unaware of any drawbacks, but I have been out of Aldersgate’s chain of command for several years….and we are Methodists, so some of us will be sure to tell the rest of us what they are. 🙂

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    Wick Elaine

    Good decision.

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    Lainie Kral

    Honestly, I thought we were already operating with a Church Council! It is an operating structure I assumed all UM churches used. My past experience at other UM churches serving on Council, finance committees, and worship committees leads me to believe this is the best way to organize an extremely active church of our size. Highly support this decision!

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    Bob Carr

    Would like to know more about the green circle, nominating. Who are in that circle?

    Bob Carr


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