Holy Conference, July 31

Holy Conference, July 31
August 6, 2019 No Comments » News Richard Bass

Holy Conference, July 31

On Wednesday, July 31, about 60 people met for a “Holy Conference” to discuss how the United Methodist Church is dealing with conflict over homosexuality and the possibility of a denominational split. We covered the latest news from the United Methodist Church, the Virginia Annual Conference, and the role of LGBTQIA persons in the church. The meeting lasted about 90 minutes. There were three presentations, linked below, and an extended period questions and reflections, which are not available on video so that people could speak freely.

In Part 1, Pastor Randy Orndorff reframes the meeting as a Holy Conference and explains what that means. Watch it here.

In Part 2, Emily Moore-Diamond reviews the actions at Virginia Annual Conference and shares resources about groups in the UMC. Watch it here.

In Part 3, Randy Orndorff reviews his own views about the topic and begins a question-and-response session. Due to poor audio and to allow people to speak freely, the remainder of the session is not available on video. Watch it here.

Emily mentioned some documents during her presentation in Part 2.

One is a roundup of resources and information that follow up on General Conference 2019. Read it here.

Another is a thought piece by church consultant Tom Bandy on how members decide whether to Stay or Go. Read it here.

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