What God Wants for Us

What God Wants for Us
August 11, 2017 No Comments » News Richard Bass

What God Wants for Us

Frederick W. Schmidt

September 16, 9:00 a.m. – Noon

Fred Schmidt, who holds the Ruben P. Job Chair in Spiritual Formation at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, will be with us on Saturday, October 16, to lead a workshop, participate in a Saturday@5:30 conversation, and preach at the Sunday worship services.

How do we know God’s will for our lives? This question lies at the heart of Christian life. And yet, attempting to understand our greater purpose can become a source of frustration as we look for help when making important life decisions. Everything that we hoped to avoid by looking to God—the sense of isolation, the self-doubt, the fear of “getting it wrong”—instead is often magnified. This confusion usually stems, however, not from our search for God’s will, but from our misunderstanding of God’s role in our day-to-day existence.

Professor, spiritual retreat leader, and Episcopal priest Fred Schmidt reveals how we are driven farther away from both God and true, lasting fulfillment by our dependence on interpreting “signs and wonders” from heaven, our desire for certainty instead of wisdom, and our anxious preoccupation with supposedly divine to-do lists. By contrast, spiritual practices show how we can better recognize the difference between God’s will and our own, deepen our ability to hear God’s voice, and sharpen our powers of discernment.

The workshop, “What God Wants for Us,” will be held on Saturday, September 9, from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 Noon. The fee is $10.

Register for the workshop here.

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