This Week’s Reading, June 30

This Week’s Reading, June 30
June 14, 2017 No Comments » News Richard Bass

This Week’s Reading

With Richard Bass
June 30, 2017


The Texas Methodist Foundation, the Fetzer Institute, and Harvard Divinity School have been working with two Ministry Innovation Fellows at Harvard, Casper ter Kuile and Angie Thurston, to research and describe promising innovations in how we gather, worship, and build community. Reports on their research are available at This week, we look at one of their reports, Faithful, which describes the tug-of-war between centralized and decentralized organizations, between the past and the present. It is an interesting and helpful 16-page report on the choices facing congregations today.

“Stewarding potential demands a different approach than many institutions cultivate, measure, or reward. We must imagine and lead beyond our given authority. This work requires creativity, courage, and faith. It is also rich with opportunity.”

Download Faithful

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