Thanks to Our VBS Volunteers

Thanks to Our VBS Volunteers
July 11, 2017 No Comments » News Richard Bass

Thanks to Our VBS Volunteers!



Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make our Evening and Daytime Vacation Bible Schools such a big success! We couldn’t do it without you.

Cameron Allen
Connor Allen
Kay Allen
Haley Askew
Caroline Austin
Jill Baxter
Vivian Baxter
Shelley Bentz
Michelle Black
Cheryl Bratten
Katie Canestrano
Elizabeth Cannon
Hanya Collins
Mike Crane
Julianna DeMaso
Josue Diaz
Lena DiVittorio
Christina Ferguson
Leah Frye
Danielle Gamiz
Jackson Gianchetta
Allison Good
Dylan Good
Molly Haskins
Emily Herrup
Andrew Herrup
Margaret Hiler
Gina Jackson
Erin Jacobs
Jacquie Jaeger
Katy Jetton
Reagan Jhee
Keely Kirk
Leigh Martin
Scott Martin
Ryan Matthews
Lura McAdam
David McAdam
Meredith McCone
Joanne McPherson
Katherine McPherson
Maggie Meares
Laura Paige Mertins
Sarah Lynn Mertins
Brianne Pena-Serano
Allen Price
Jen Price
Logan Price
Ethan Price
Amber Reed
Jonathan Reed
Barb Roach
Lair Roddey
Ashleigh Roddey
Eliza Roddey
Jane Runnels
Sarah Vonharten
Mirelle Warouw
Trevor Woods
Claire Woods
Katie Woods


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