Amy Hurd

Aldersgate Scholarships for Academic Year 2018-2019

The Aldersgate Permanent Endowment Committee plans to award both college scholarships and seminary scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Applications must be typed and submitted to the selection committee on or before Friday, March 30, 2018.

When you complete the application, please save and send it as an attachment to

It is also okay to complete the form and print it out, but it must be TYPED. If you print the form, leave it in Becky Connell’s mailbox in room 120 or put it through the slot in her office door at the church if she isn’t there.

Please Note: Any applications that are not TYPED or that are received after the March 30 deadline will not be considered.

Following receipt and consideration of the applications, applicants will be interviewed by members of the Permanent Endowment Committee, with decisions anticipated by mid-June, 2018.

To be eligible, applicants must be members or regular attendees of Aldersgate Church.

Scholarships awards will be based on the following criteria in the order of priority shown here:

  • 1. financial need
  • 2. participation in Aldersgate activities
  • 3. academic / leadership achievement
  • 4. participation in community activities

Persons seeking further information may contact any member of the Endowment Committee as follows: :  Roger Amole, Chairman; or members, David Adkins, Lew Ashley, Gary Bradshaw, Suzanne Dalch, Win Lindley, Mary Ann Robertson, Tracy Shawn, Jay Steadman, and Joe Tompkin.