Our Pastors and Staff

Our Pastors and Staff

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

1301 Collingwood Road, Alexandria, VA 22308

Weekday Office Hours, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Staff Phone Extensions @ 703-765-6555


Rev. Dr. Dennis Perry

Lead Pastor dennis@aldersgate.net


I’ve been on the front lines of human transformation for nearly four decades. I’m fascinated by relationship, religion and business. And food. I like learning about people and their experiences. I’ve been the lead pastor of Aldersgate united Methodist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, since 2002. I enjoy the company of two grown children, Jessica and Ben, and the companionship of my best friend since high school, Sharon. I love to walk along the Potomac, read business books, collect sound equipment and listen to improvisational music, live or recorded. I’d love to talk with you about it.

Rev. Jason Micheli

Executive Pastor jason@aldersgate.net


Jason blogs at Tamed Cynic and is a host of the new Crackers and Grape Juice Podcast

I’m now the least well-rounded person in the world, having studied theology at UVA and at Princeton. Seriously, I’ve got no skills apart from parsing Greek nouns and obscure theological categories. Fortunately, the United Methodist Church is the perfect place for someone like me. I am an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, and since 2002 have served as a pastor of churches in New Jersey and Virginia as well as a prison and hospital chaplain. I’ve been a pastor at Aldersgate UMC in Alexandria, Virginia, since 2005.

My wife, Ali, is my high school sweetheart. She’s shy and easily embarrassed so suffice it to say that she’s my better 3/4 in every way but cooking. My youngest son, Gabriel, is a budding standup. He loves swimming and the White Stripes. My oldest son, Alexander, is a hardcore swimmer and gifted in everything but common sense. Together, we think baseball is the Platonic ideal.

Rev. Dr. Karla Kincannon
Director of Spiritual Formation karla@aldersgate.net


“Without creativity we cannot imagine a life faithful to the gospel. Imagination supports the restoration of soul in our Church and our world.”

Rev. Dr. Karla M. Kincannon is Aldersgate’s Director of Spiritual Formation. She joined us from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois, where she served as the Director of Field Education and Vocational Formation and Church Leadership, and as the artist-in-residence.

As an artist, author, spiritual director, and United Methodist, Karla believes God’s gift of creativity is an essential tool for navigating the spiritual journey and a necessary element for the corporate life of the Church.

Rev. Michelle Matthews
Associate Pastor, Kingstowne Communion michelle@kingstownecommunion.net

Michelle Matthews

Michelle Matthews is the pastor of The Kingstowne Communion in Alexandria, Virginia. The Kingstowne Communion is a new United Methodist church serving the Kingstowne, North Lorton, & West Springfield areas of Northern Virginia and it is a satellite campus of Aldersgate United Methodist Church. She graduated from Duke Divinity School with her Master of Divinity.



Andreas Barrett

Director of Contemporary Service & Saturday Music x 609 andreas@aldersgate.net

Richard Bass

Director of Communications x 608 richard@aldersgate.net

Dorothy Boger

Receptionist x 603 dorothy@aldersgate.net

Becky Connell

Business Administrator x 604 becky@aldersgate.net

Karli Eddinger

Director of Children’s Choirs x 613 karli@aldersgate.net

Clea Frazier

Receptionist x 603 clea@aldersgate.net

Leah Frye

Saturday Music Asst x 643 leah@aldersgate.net

Ernest Johnson

Director of Adult Choirs x 617 ernest@aldersgate.net

Deborah Jones

Director of Handbells x 625 deborah@aldersgate.net

Judy Jurkowski

Wellness Coordinator & Director of Congregational Care x 626 judy@aldersgate.net

Corey Latta

Director of Child Care corey@aldersgate.net

Elizabeth Miller

Organist x 641 liz@aldersgate.net

Terri Phillips

Administrative Assistant x 600 terri@aldersgate.net

Ahnna Lise Stevens-Jennings

Director of Youth Ministry ajennings@aldersgate.net or youth@aldersgate.net

Elaine Woods

Director of Children’s Ministries x 616 elaine@aldersgate.net


x 607 finance@aldersgate.net

Receptionist (Room scheduling; Event reservations; Wedding scheduling)

703-765-6555 receptionist@aldersgate.net

Fax Machine 703-765-5841

Aldersgate Day School

703-768-8351 dayschool@aldersgate.net

Patty Spitnale

Director, Aldersgate Day School x 618 patty@aldersgate.net

Laura Lewis

Dayschool Admin Assistant x 619 laura@aldersgate.net

Aldersgate’s Lay Leadership Team