Worship Times & Locations

Worship Times & Locations

Worship at Aldersgate

Worship is the heart of Aldersgate Church.

The passion of our worship team is to lead our community into the presence of God during every worship experience.

Whether it is through traditional choirs, contemporary praise songs, banjo-driven bluegrass, or compelling, creative teaching, the heart of our worship is to celebrate God’s faithfulness and our gratitude for the work of Christ in our lives.

A Common Liturgy

From Sunday, July 23, through Sunday, November 26, Aldersgate will experiment with its worship times and styles, moving from the three current Sunday services to two Sunday services at 9:00 and 10:30. (The Saturday service will continue at 5:30 p.m.) Rather than offering a choice of traditional or contemporary worship, we will offer what we are calling “A Common Liturgy.”

It will be a Common Liturgy in that both Sunday services will be identical. It will also be a Common Liturgy in that both services will worship God using the diversity of gifts and expression common to the Church across time and traditions: ancient, classical, and modern; from Latin to Americana. Just as Psalm 150 tells us to praise God with every imaginable kind of instrument, we will worship God with all the gifts our music staff and volunteers bring to the table.

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