Noncash Donations

Noncash Donations
Amy Hurd


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 (Click Here if you would rather give cash)
Your noncash items could represent thousands of dollars to our church – plus a garage you can park in, cleaned out drawers and no more monthly storage unit fees.  We have this new online giving system that allows Aldersgate to process and liquidate almost any kind of quality noncash donation — effortlessly!
Always accepted:
• Passenger vehicles
• Latest-Model Smartphones
• Groups of 20+ cell phones
• Precious metal bullion
• Grain commodities
• Gold jewelry
• Gift cards (minimum balance of $15; must be an accepted company)
Typically accepted:
• Small, light, recent-model electronics
 • Motorcycles
 • Large quantities of business inventory overstock Accepted on case-by-case basis
 • Boats, RVs, ATVs and other recreational vehicles
 • Other donations (must have actual resale values of $250+)

 Just follow the instructions using the icons below to turn your old STUFF into a valuable donation to Aldersgate!

Please note that these items will not be accepted:
• Pianos (and most other musical instruments) • Furniture, exercise equipment, and home appliances • Large electronics (including most printers, scanners, desktop computers, monitors, Windows XP laptops, VCRs and TVs) • Outdated medical equipment and used electric wheelchairs • Timeshares and cemetery plots • Firearms (iDonate Foundation cannot take ownership for legal reasons; however, we are happy to provide referrals to sellers.) • Anything you would see in a thrift store (i.e. books, apparel, housewares) • Anything that may be considered objectionable in the discretion of iDonate Foundation (including pornographic or illegal items)