Town Hall on Aldersgate’s Finances

Town Hall on Aldersgate’s Finances
September 25, 2019 No Comments » News Richard Bass

Town Halls on Aldersgate’s Financial Condition

Congregation Updated on Need to Rebuild Reserves

Thanks to everyone who attended the four Town Halls on September 18 and 22. At the meetings, Lay leader Leah Matthews, Finance Committee chair Ed Little, Leadership Team member Pandy Jansen, and Pastor Randy Orndorff briefed Aldersgate’s members on the financial condition of the church.

For several years, expenses exceeded revenues, and the congregation’s reserves were largely depleted. These need to be rebuilt. There are several reasons for the deficits:

Aldersgate had four pastors (including Kingstowne) for several years, which not only increased the cost of the pastoral staff but also increased the apportionments (support payments) to the district, conference, and denomination.

The building is aging and facility maintenance costs are higher than anticipated.

Several families moved away and giving was reduced.

Income to the Shepherd Hall capital campaign was not sufficient to meet mortgage payments, requiring funds from the operating budget to cover the shortfall.
We are addressing the gap by spending only on necessities, refinancing the mortgage, renegotiating several contracts, and redefining some staff positions.

Download three charts that were used at the presentation.

The presenters made a commitment to keep the congregation informed on the financial condition of the church. Monthly budget reports are available on the website (full reports are available in the office), and there will be regular updates in the worship bulletin.

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