The Goal of the Youth Ministry of Aldersgate Church is to equip youth to be able to articulate their faith, participate fully in the life of the church, and continue to grow their faith into adulthood.

We offer a program that respects the faith of young people. We understand that the youth are not only the future of the Church, but they are the Church right now.

Our program looks at youth as whole people and gives them opportunities to serve, play, worship, learn, build community and care for each other’s souls.

We offer local, domestic, and international service and mission opportunities such as our partnership with Rising Hope UMC, the Jeremiah Project and mission trips to Guatemala and the White Mountain Apache Reservation.

We have monthly fellowship and service meetings, weekly small groups and study groups, and once yearly retreats.

Please check here for a schedule of events.

To learn more about the youth ministry at Aldersgate, email

Director of Youth Ministry, Ahnna Lise Stevens-Jennings

I grew up in Winchester, Virginia. My parents are teachers and my little sister starts college this fall. I met my husband, Garth, during our time in undergraduate school at Emory & Henry College. After receiving my Bachelors of Arts degrees in History and Religion in 2012, I attended Wesley Theological Seminary. I graduated in 2016 with my Masters of Divinity degree and then spent a year working at the seminary as an administrative assistant, and also at National United Methodist Church as a member of their preaching team while Garth finished his seminary education as well. I am a huge nerd. I mean really, I love to read comic books, go to conventions, go to renaissance festivals in costume, and there is a pretty good chance if you come to visit me on the weekends, I will be playing a rousing game of Dungeons & Dragons with my husband and our friends. I am passionate about youth ministry and I am ready to get to know and love the youth of Aldersgate church and their families! Please drop by my office and get to know me.

Do you have a heart for young people?

Our youth ministry program would love to have leaders, that just like you, want to make a difference in our world. Whether you want to lead a Bible study, serve the homeless, build community, or make relationships that will last a life time, as a student leader you WILL make a difference in your community. We want to empower and equip you to lead students at Aldersgate to be world changers. This program cannot be successful without you!

Here’s our Child Protection Policy